Monday, April 28, 2014


 Finally nice out so I decided to block my one skein of alpaca.  What a wonderful fleece!  Thanks Jody.

 I finished 4 ounces of mohair.  I love mohair but it ends up all over especially me.  Not good when you go and make a meal because no matter how hard you try you end up with some of it on the food.  Good thing I have an understanding husband.

I don't have a great camera but I took a picture of this tulip because I love the colors.  Yellow, orange and red, with the green stem sure is pretty.

Our new pickup.  The one we had was 16 years old and needed to be replaced.  We also traded in our Jeep because we were having so much trouble with it.  We're down to one vehicle but since we're retired we end up going every where together anyway.  If that doesn't work out we'll be looking to maybe leasing a car for me to just run around.  Anyone lease a vehicle before?

We have a guest right outside out side door.  We won't be using that door any time soon.  More pictures when the baby birds are hatched.

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Delighted Hands said...

The alpaca will be a dream to knit! The color of the mohair is fantastic! Congrats on the new truck! Looking forward to pics of the babies in that nest!