Thursday, May 29, 2014


I had some corriedale roving that I wanted to dye so decided why not use the left over Kool Aid I had around the house. Fist I soak my roving in some water and vinegar.  I'm not sure on the exact measurements.  I then  mixed up four colors (wish I would have had some blue) orange, lemon-lime, lemon and grape.  I mix 1/4 cup of vinegar to one cup of water for each dye bottle.  No rhyme or reason just put it on the roving.

I then patted out as much water and dye as I could and wrapped the roving up and put it in a microwave safe bowl.  Set the timer for 2 minutes and let cool and repeated  three more times.  You want to set the dye but not cook the roving.  After it was completely cooled I rinsed the roving and the water ran clear.

I dried it out side so it looks a little washed out but we had a nice breezy sunny day and it didn't take long to dry.

After I rolled it in a braid.  I love doing that.  Not that it mattered much since I started spinning the next day.

Singles on the bobbin.

Plied and ready to knit.

Update on my dryer balls.  They work good but sure are noisy.


Delighted Hands said...

Delicious! It's so much more fun to spin COLOR!

Sandra Knapp said...

And now you have lovely yarn in all the prettiest Spring colors. Wonderful!

Natsu Uaganda said...

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