Sunday, May 04, 2014


I have two recommendations today.  First is Tom Knisely book "Weaving Rag Rugs".  Tom has been teaching spinning and weaving at The Mannings.  for over thirty years.  He also helped the television station cover the Pennsylvania Farm Shows Sheep to Shawl every.  The book is wonderful.  Easy to understand and well written even if you're not weaving a rug.

My next recommend are audio books.  I get downloads for our counties library system.  They don't have everything and some times you have to wait your turn which is not problem since you're not paying a thing for the download.  I can't tell anyone how much I enjoyed my last book, "The All Girl Flling Station's Last Reunion" by Fannie Flagg.  I laughed, cried and learned so much.  I listen to my little and very inexpensive (less than $40 at Wal Mart) Zen Stone.  Great to use when spinning and weaving.

Have a nice day, Barb


Brenda said...

My husband and I have become Graphic Audio junkies. They are audio books with full cast and sound effects - their phrase is "A Movie in Your Mind." We particularly like the dusters - westerns - in the First Mountain Man and Blood Bond series. If you get a chance, try one of them. They're great for road trips or while quilting/spinning. Not so good for weaving - I get my treadling mixed up if I'm not paying attention!

Delighted Hands said...

Great recommendations! I also get my library audio books!

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