Saturday, June 28, 2014


After a couple of months with only one vehicle we decided to purchase another one.  Just easier if I need to go some where without Bill or he goes hunting for a couple of days and I'm at home without any form of transportation.  Its a 2008 Suzuki.  So far I like it even if its the smallest car I've driven in a long time.

On the needle is lace I'm knitting with some fine wool yarn.  Much easier in the warm summer months than something knit of bulky wool yarn.

Flowers are blooming like crazy.  Orange lilies at my sign.  So pretty.  I love orange and not far from them is,

my lavender.  Smells so good.  I'm fight the bees for some to dry.  I think they're winning.

Clematis is all but finished blooming.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.

I love the clear yellow of the caucus.  So pretty against the green.

And good old rose hips.  No only is the bloom pretty but the smell is amazing.

We had fun this week.  We came home last Sunday with everything knocked off the window seal   on the big windows in my studio.  Of course the poor cat got heck for it.  Next morning Bill went to use the phone book, opened the cupboard and a squirrel runs across the kitchen and down stairs.  That evening it was in the bathroom and ran into the bedrooms.  We closed all the doors and   chased it around and opened the front door.  Did it go out?  No. Did the cat chase it?  No.  We set a trap with corn and next morning the corn was all over the downstairs floor but the trap was still in tact.  Off to Tractor Supply we went and bought a smaller trap and some peanuts.  Luckily we caught it that evening but still can't find where it came in.  Fingers crossed it does come in the house again or we'll have to either shot it or call an exterminator.