Thursday, December 04, 2014


I've been reading (second time through the books) and watching the Outlander's and came across this afghan on Amazon.  It's so soft and just the right size to cuddle under and read a good book.

From what I understand the company that weaves these Scottish blankets has been in business for hundreds of years.   

I knit a pair of cable fingerless mitts.  Lets face it I did wear a pair to church last Saturday evening and my fingers were so darn cold.  I like mittens a whole lot better.

   This a copy of a fur cowl Claire wore.  I didn't have any mink so I had to use some fake fur.

I spinning some of the bling I got at the New York Sheep And Wool.  I think I'll knit up into a hat/

Bill finally got his deer head back a couple of weeks ago.  He shot it on a hunting trip to Ohio last fall.  Turned out very nice or so he says.  This is not in the living room.  Ya!


Delighted Hands said...

The mitts are gorgeous! The cowl is very chic! Nice spinning; the blanket is a classic beauty!

Sandra Knapp said...

I've never understood the popularity of fingerless mitts. My hands freeze in them too, but my niece loves them. I guess it's up to personal taste, and I obviously don't have any. They do make for very quick and very portable projects though.

I wouldn't want a deer head hanging in my living room either. Every time I look into those big beautiful eyes, it breaks my heart. But I have to be honest. That was one mighty fine buck your hubby got for himself. I can see why he would want the head mounted. :)

Loree Jackson said...

The deer head, lol! Oh men are so different, aren't they? Love the blanket!