Sunday, August 30, 2015


This post is a rant.  Nothing about spinning, dyeing or knitting just me going on about something that's driving me crazy.  I got my new drivers license in March.  Shortly after I received a letter from PennDot telling me to cut it up and they issued me a new one.  I didn't cut it up and kept the letter.  Today with my new license in hand went to CVS to get some nasal decongestant containing pseudoephedrin hydrochloride one of the cold meds they keep behind the counter just in case I'm a druggie.  But I couldn't the meds.  Know why they new driver's license issued to me by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was NO GOOD.  My name was all screwed up.  They had my middle name first and my first name as my last name with no middle name at all.  Now they swiped that license when I was traveling this summer and also got my fishing license from Minnesota.  Go figure.  Now I'll sit on the phone tomorrow trying to straighten out this mess.  Thanks PennDot!


Delighted Hands said...

I'm sorry. Nothing like a governmental bureaucratic glitch. Hope you can straighten it up tomorrow! said...

I hate all this governmental bureaucracy! In my opinion it should not be so complicated and employees in governmental institutions should be more careful.