Saturday, August 22, 2015


I found this over shot coverlet table cover at an antique - collectibles mall.  At one time I could have woven it but right now I don't have a loom wide enough or the energy to weave one.

I put my large wood bowl in the middle.  Looks great with out early American decor.

A couple of weeks ago we bought a metal rooster to put on one of our Hosier cupboards.  Does it fit?  No of course not so we needed to find a place for it.  It now rests on top of a 50 gallon lard can next to one of our Hosiers.

We planted around 50 trees on our one acre.  Why?  We love trees and have lived with them on our property every where we've lived.  The front of the house is nothing put pine trees to block the view and stop the wind from the west.  I don't think most people understand that trees are so important.  They shade our home, block the wind, and are the homes of a lot of animals and birds.  Any way I love the bark on this birch.

The white birch was attached with Japanese beetles again this year.  Usually we are home so we can set traps but this year we were on vacation when they invaded.  Funny how they only attach this tree but I suppose that's a good thing.  New leaves are coming out just in time for fall.


Brenda said...

Love the overshot! My first major weaving project was a length of overshot, which was sewn into a large floor cushion. Ambitious? Yes. And a lesson in both how to produce a weave I've always loved and also how to properly calculate my time and abilities for a project! Congrats on your find.

Delighted Hands said...

You have some great find; the table cloth is beautiful! I love trees, too, and couldn't live in a yard without them! Most birches don't live long as they are very susceptible to disease sad to say!