Saturday, October 03, 2015


Ok, who out there can believe it's October?  Not me that's for sure.  Anyway it is and now I'm working like crazy to get ready for the NY Sheep And Wool coming up later this month.  This is the second pair of mittens I knit for Benita's KAL.  I chose to knit them in a Nordic pattern.  Nice and warm.

Finished my second sock.  Love it!!!  It fits perfect.

Bill decided to try and sell some of his hunting puzzles and calenders.  He was lucky to get a space at The Old Sled Works in Duncannon.    It took us two days to get it the way Bill wanted it.

And I must say he did a darn nice job too.

This is only a  small amount of the puzzles and calenders he has.

He has a bunch under the table and will replace them or change them up from time to time.

When were looking around we found this piece of Polish pottery for only $10.00.  Cheap!  And matches some of my other pieces tool

Bill hanging up and checking prices on some of his things.

On some personal notes.  First my nephew Wayne has been diagnose with leukemia.  He's only 47 with a wonderful family, wife and two beautiful children.  If you think about it please pray for him.  He's a fighter and has lots to live for so I'm sure he'll make it but the road isn't going to be easy.

Second the last two weeks I've had my cataracts replaced.  I noticed my right eye was getting blurred so when I went to my family doctor her set me up with an eye specialist.  I don't think I'll notice any difference until I get new glasses.  I thought I was way to young for this but find out people in there 40's have had the same problem.  So we've been running back and forth to the eye doctor.  Three times each week.

Third.  Ask me if I got my new drivers license.  NO.  And why not?  Who knows but I am going to go up to the driver's license test and renewal place in town this week to ask them.


Delighted Hands said...
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Delighted Hands said...

Great knits; the pottery is quite a find and the booth for your husband is fantastic!
Hope you get the license set up soon!