Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  Second month of the year.  Amazing!  This is my version of the Baba Sheep everyone is knitting.  My sheep have gray legs and faces because I forgot to get black yarn when I was buying yarn for this hat.  It's simple to knit and works up fast.

Last month I posted a picture of this shawl  Well turns out I had to rip it all back.  When I was printing off the pattern it went from row 88 at the bottom of the page to row 90 to the top of the next page.  Did I notice I was missing 89.  No.

By the time I got this far on the feather and fan shawl I was so sick of knitting it I just binding off.  I'm very happy with the pattern and I used hand dyed wool/mohair yarn.

Sock I started last night.  The yarn is Felici Rainbow by Knit Picks.  Love the color and it matches my project bag which is made by Stitched By Jessaly which I got at the New York Sheep And Wool. They match.  I guess I love the colors.

Speaking of colors I love the colors in this rock formation I found on Facebook.  Pretty.

I've decided not to do the New York Sheep And Wool Festival this coming year.  Just getting to hard for both Bill and I.  His eyes are getting worse and it's hard for him to drive all that way.  Also the lugging all the displays and inventories in and out is getting much harder for us.  I must say its been more than fun.  I'm looking into doing somethings closer to home.  We'll see.


Loree Jackson said...

The hat is adorable!

Linda said...

Love the hat...I'm spinning some black right now to make one...or 1/2 dozen or so. Love them. You're shawl is just gorgeous! Feather and Fan is one of my favorite patterns. I really don't think anyone would notice a missed row. I know what you mean about being done with it, though, and just wanting to bind off. Your pictures are great!

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful hat! Nice designing! I get it about the doesn't get easier!
I sympathize about the shawl woes; I am throwing my beauty into the naughty bucket for a while!