Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Well I can't believe its been so long since I've posted.  Over a month.  And what have I been doing?  No much.  I have been knitting socks.  This pair is in the Gravel Pattern by Nina Phillips.  It only goes down the front of the sock and I must admit I wish I would have used a sold color yarn so I could see the pattern better.

This is just a good old vanilla pair.  I wonder why we call them vanilla now instead of good old plan pair?     Who knows.  Any way both pairs are knit with Knit Picks yarn on size 1 47 inch circular needle in magic loop. 

I can tell every how excited I was to finally get a dyed sock blank by Andre Sue.  Check her out on Instagram for all her great creations.  She has an Etsy shop she updated every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM and Monday's at 10:00 AM.  If you want anything of hers you have to darn quick because her blanks go so fast.  I don't think you can tell by this photo but the blank was dyed a soft green before she painted it.  She's also a fantastic artist and knitter.

I'm taking a class at Craftsy.  Master Knit Shawls taught by Laura Nelkin.  I've been knitting a long time and yes I can knit lace shawls but just didn't get the concept of reading grafts.  Thanks to this class I am learning.  The shawl I'm knitting is Skywalker by Laura Nelkin.  I've had to but it on hold for the time being since I have a few knitting obligation.  One of which is knitting a stole for my granddaughter for my daughter's wedding.

It you get a chance head on over to Raverly and check out the Knitoriousis Podcast.  Two very fun and informative gals.  Oh and strange they don't live that far from me.  Elizabeth town which is near Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Delighted Hands said...

Great catch for the sock blank! Be sure and post what kind of sock you get from it!!!!
I love the striped socks-you had fun knitting the pattern even if it didn't show as much as you hoped. Good for you to up the shawl knitting skills-once you can read a graph, you can knit anything!!!!