Friday, December 23, 2016


This came in the mail yesterday.  Three skeins of Susan B Anderson's Barrett yarn for a KAL the Knitting Expat is hosting starting on January 1st, 2017.  The yarn is wonderful

Did I need this great gnone?   No but I just fell in love and couldn't help myself from buy him.  I hope you can get a good look at all the beautiful hand work done on his hat.  Elke Isenberg created him.  She's an amazing artist.


Monday, December 12, 2016


Millersburg is amazing small town with all sorts of local charm.  Two banks, beautiful square, restaurants, hardware stores, drug store, flower shop, collectible shop, furniture store, a ferry that crosses the Susquehanna River in the summer, park and an art gallery to name a few business and interesting places to visit.  Thanks to Peach Michaels, of Hats By Peach,  some of us have gather at the gallery a couple times a week to knit and crochet.  Well when I was in last Wednesday evening I spotted this little felted beauty created by Elke Isenberg.    She also is selling gnomes which might find there way home with me this week.

 I was at JoAnn's this week and found this poor little knitting nut cracker.  Now she does have a small crack on the side of her head but not enough to even notice.  All total with the 50% off and the damage discount she was on $2.00.


Daughter Dawn has been asking for hand knit socks.  So I got these off the needles in time for Christmas.  My favorite sock yarn, Felici from Knit Picks.  Soft and yummy.

These are for me.  Great jean socks also knit with Felici.